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Arriving at truth, through the Non-Scientific Method: Testing political theories by examining absurdity through the application of illogic, satire, sarcasm, spurious news reports and humor.

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Note: The names of sources often have hidden meanings. Click on links for facts relating to the stories. We strive to answer the question, What would politicians say if they didn't think normal citizens were listening? A skilled observer studies body language and becomes expert at what some call "reading between the lines." We attempt to fill in those lines.

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Obama gives Obamacare waivers to Democrats

Gay marriage opponents may lose jobs, benefits

Reporters losing faith in Obama's divinity

Holder finishes self-investigation early

Time to amend the Second Amendment, Obama says

Only gun control advocates should own guns, gun control advocates advocate

White House on Thatcher funeral snub

Obama jobs czar quits

Spread the Wealth

Obama announces plans to revamp Constitution

Obama starts food redistribution

Obama campaign ads

Biden digs bigger hole while aplogizing for 'chains' comment

Obama campaign brags about falling U.S. income

Team Romney struggles to adopt Obama propaganda techniques

Ryan called extremist who would destroy America

Cabinet earns seven-month vacation

Obama campaign cashes in 35,000 wedding gifts

Obama's immigration policy spurs business in counterfeit documents

Remote sensing polygraph reveals Obama deception

Bain success won't help Romney in politics, Obama says

Detention, fines for kids breaking food rules

Wikileaks releases secret Democrat delegate test

Stars cheer as Obama vows to raise their taxes

2012 News Media Obama Cheerleading Team

Obama campaign wins propaganda award

Obama reveals he personally shot Osama

Obama czar deems 'illegal alien' racist slur

Guest editorial: Why I vote for Comrade Obama

Obama demands limitless debt

Billionaires beg Obama: 'Raise our taxes'

Zimmerman, Ann Romney piñatas selling out overnight

You might be a liberal if ....

Obama admits lessons he learned in Chicago aren't working in Washington

Democrats call truce in war on women

Obama: Supreme Court must rule itself unconstitutional

Santorum, Gingrich vow to campaign indefinitely

Feds ban objectionable words in school

Obama explains open microphone incident

Santorum prefers Obama over a GOP hypocrite

Green companies need subsidies to buy their own products, Obama says

Constitution meant to be broken, Obama says

Labor supply at all-time high, Obama czar boasts

Mormonism gives Romney unfair advantage

Obama defends algae as alternative energy

Feds sue states to protect undocument immigrants' right to vote

Romney asks for two-man shootout

Rush sponsors rush to shock jocks, liberal media

Indians protest proposed shooting of white buffalo

"God' joins lawyers and Demos to fight tort reform

Occupy admits: Capitalism must go!

Obama cites his own bravery in reducing the supply of gasoline

Obama touts Volt sales

Coeds celebrate birth control vote

Killer whales appeal lawsuit

Gays, others boycott opponents

Obama: 'Too many Catholics'

Obama: 'Jesus would hike taxes'

Tax record shock: Romney is rich

Newt: 'All I wanted was a mistress'

Obama to protect alien rights

Gingrich won't attack morons

Gore applauds shivering students

Pardons for Ayers, Clinton and OJ

Europe: Water doesn't hydrate

Scandal! Romney sinned!

"Last Comic-in-Chief Standing"

Feminists outraged over Cain gestures

Obama: 'Give more or else'

Protesters: We have no demands!

'Media' ignoring Obama gaffes

Obama mourns death of Gaddafi

Republicans promise dirtier air

Obama blames GOP for Solyndra

Terminator: 'Avoid pretty maids'

Feds to expand Fast and Furious

Pastor: Romney is the anti-Christ

Obama encourages protesters

Mars rover finds alien robot

Gibson shut down to create jobs

'Tea Party is America's enemy'

Feds expand graphic warnings

Troops to fight Tea Party terrorists

Cuts are actually increases

Obama ready to compromise?

Crybaby Boehner tattles

TSA starts internal exams

Obama wants tax hike to cut spending

Whistleblowers threatened

Economy surprises experts again

Russians want Obama reelected

Obama job plan bans ATMs

Palin emails

GM CEO wants $5 gas tax

When reality collides with satire

Judge bans mention of God

Weiner's multiple personalities

Demos celebrate food stamp record

Ecstasy over high gas prices

Unintended misogynistic slur

Obama: Reincarnated Reagan?

Huntsman: 'Romney a large varmint'

Obama to return Texas to Mexico

Rich folks told to share wealth

Obama's civility inspires

Volts sell like moldy hotcakes

Drone killed art students, birds

'We thought it was aspirin factory'

Hillary allergic to sight of blood

Critics decry murder of Osama

Few qualified to replace Osama

Obama praised for killing Osama

Why Obama banished reporter

'Obama is too smart to be president'

'Obama was right to snub guvs'

Guest column: Why I hate Beck

Obama birth searchers give up

Obama to ignore court

Reilly: You missed out on Jimmer

Raising taxes to attract business

BCS to kill March Madness

Press chief finds humor on the job

Obama praised for violating oath

Demos defeat anti-terrorism

Limbaugh apologizes to Chinese

Interior head proposes wolf bounty

Military accommodates gays

Terrorists learn from TV

Are Republicans Terrorists?

TSA bans groping

Gore on ethanol: 'My bad'

Demos seek immigration reform

White House confused over taxes

Obama officials justify India trip

Obama justifies trip to India

Demo attack ads pay off'

Democrats assign blame for big loss

Democrat pollsters predict victory

''Progress' in redistribution wealth

Minorities to get extra votes

Demos' secret meeting

Pelosi vows 75% death tax

Tuesday vote stuns media

Broadcasters revamp walkout policy

Let's fire CEOs who fire workers

Obama expands pre-crime plan

'Food stamps stimulate economy'

Whitman's maid gets immunity

Time to legalize polygamy

Grandma voter arrested

Holder: 'O'Donnell is a disaster'

Obama bans gold ownership

The true federal deficit

Obama to decide on Israel someday

Gore: Now it's global cooling

FTC to control journalism

Ted Turner: 'God's message'

Ahmadinejad wins Nobel Prize

Pelosi pronounces 'The Word'

Hefner, a reincarnated jihadist

Sestak rejected plumber job

Andrew Young: 'Mad as heck!'

Pelosi urges AI rejects

Scientists seek population cut

Obama's procrastination book

Arizona guv stalking Obama?

Feds: 'We don't enforce laws'

No. 1 politically correct school

Obama staff lauds ESP

Tuesday vote stuns media

Military urges award for holding fire

39 states boycott California

Eric Holder pleads ignorance


Time to censor TV, radio, Internet

Let's borrow to bail out Greece

Unequal pay: Vega's radiator shop

Secret amnesty bill

Hispanics riot over U.S. flag

Feds feed terrorists bad info

Panel: 'Nullify old document'

Pelosi hates abbrevs.

Incumbents shocked by voters

Bombing suspect a 'nice guy'

Protesters urged to crash Suns

Obama's youth league

Pro-choice for fetuses, fathers

Hate speech bill goes into effect

Immigration bill sponsor draws fire

Illegals flock to San Francisco

Obama apologizes to Arizona

Californians mull animal rights

Critics slam Arizona alien law

Administration lowers tax threshold

Ministers banned on federal property

Immigrants want country back

Volcano solution proposed

Clinton: 'Jail conservatives'

Alaskans thankful for 'saved' jobs

Obama lists successes

Obama defends 'broken promises'

Bank bill could save DNP

Pelosi banned on Air Force 1

Pushing 'spread the wealth'

Demos unveil gun control

Entertainment Fairness Bill

Feds to remove religious symbols

'Jersey Shore' on health care