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Skinnyreporter's Position on Bigotry

Skinnyreporter is opposed to bigotry, including racism, religious bigotry and discrimination against homosexuals. However, we believe that no one and no group should be immune to being lampooned simply to satisfy the demands of political correctness.

That is especially true when the leaders of a group take a political stand on an issue or support a candidate who is perceived to support the goals of the group.

We believe that the vast majority of Americans are intelligent enough to recognize that an individual must be judged by his/her own beliefs and behavior and not by the actions or statements of others.

Stereotypes do not necessarily reflect characteristics of a group or its members. Not all minorities are Democrat, nor are all Republicans rich or white. Not all gay men talk in a high voice or dress effeminately. Not all residents of the fly-over states are uneducated, illiterate, ultrareligious and bigoted.

While the vast majority of Americans are sensitive to the persecution of minorities and tend to object when they are portrayed inaccurately or denigrated with malice, we often tolerate bigoted or inaccurate statements against large or dominant groups to the point that we sometimes fail even to notice the prejudice.

Surveys have shown that members of the mainstream media are overwhelmingly liberal, so it is not surprising that they often apply stereotypes to Republicans and conservatives.

Commentators on both the right and the left tend to make broad, unqualified statements about both supporters and opponents. Skinnyreporter believes it is instructive to follow a person's thinking to its logical (or illogical) end.

We all know blonde jokes, which play upon the stereotype that blondes are clueless, and they make us feel a bit uncomfortable because we know that the color of a woman's hair has nothing to do with her intelligence or wisdom.

Yet do we flinch when men are repeatedly portrayed as clueless and insensitive? Television commercials, sitcoms and movies feature so many male characters who are as dumb as pet rocks that we don't even notice. If women were shown in the same way, the media and the public would demand change, but men are shown in a negative way so often that often men don't even notice.Do we cringe when a leftist commentator implies that Republicans are wealthy, greedy, racist, white, fanatically religious fanatics who delight in subjugating the poor?

Another form of prejudice concerns politically charged beliefs. We have learned through sad experience that many people are so convinced of their correctness on issues that they reject facts, data, history and logic in favor of what makes them feel good.

Many citizens vote for candidates who represent a political party, not because they agree with their positions on issues, but because of tradition.

History has demonstrated that even scientists who were supposed to be dedicated to discovering and defending the truth have rejected facts when they have run counter to long-held beliefs. Even in the second decade of the 21st century many scientists choose sides of a political issue by relying on the beliefs of their peers or by subscribing to politically popular beliefs and theories while failing to keep an open mind until the truth becomes clear.

Scientists and politicians and journalists often take stands prematurely, sometimes selectively choosing and uncritically accepting studies, theories and explanations that support one view over another. Often they denigrate those who disagree with them, then seek to suppress information that favors an opposing view.

We have all watched so-called moderators on Sunday morning political programs shout down guests. Have you ever noticed that when a guest is constantly interrupted, he or she is almost always conservative? Why does the host prevent us from hearing what such guests have to say, constantly preventing them from finishing statements, making points or answering questions?

How many times have we seen politicians heckled during public speeches? How many times have we seen students or political groups seek to prevent the mere appearance of a public figure? Though objections are sometimes raised when a left-wing extremist is invited to speak, it is truly rare to see such a speaking invitation withdrawn. Yet appearances by conservatives are cancelled so often that it's not even newsworthy.

How many times have we seen global warming "scientists" refuse even to debate their opponent? Have you ever heard of a global warming skeptic who turned down a chance to debate the facts?

In today's charged climate many questions cannot even be asked due to the restrictions of political correctness. And because the vast majority of academics and scientists rely upon governmental funding, many of them are disinclined to study controversial topics or even to question popular theories.

Skinnyreporter questions everything. As an issue is explored to its most absurd ends, light is often thrown on the truth. You might choose to reject self-apparent truths in favor of dogma, prejudice and ignorant bliss. But it never hurts to ask questions.

Many wise teachers have said, "There are no dumb questions."

They were right.

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