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Democrats Assign Blame for Huge Loss

by Gladys Ober

WASHINGTON, D.C., Nov. 4, 2010 — Leaders of the Democrat Party today blamed their historic landslide loss on half a dozen factors, which they vowed to change to avoid a similar catastrophe in 2012.

Democrat pollster I. Reid Graffs said Democrats who stayed home during the election are primarily to blame for the Republican blowout.

"Normally 55 to 60 percent of likely voters say they vote Democrat," he said. "This year it was down to as low as 37 percent. Democrats obviously stayed home because they were mad that Congress had not fully implemented President Obama's agenda to raise taxes, redistribute wealth and increase spending."

"We learned a lot Tuesday," said Vice-President Joe Biden, "and we promise to make some big changes to make sure we regain our power in 2012. The main thing we did wrong was compromise with three Republicans to limit the size of our economic stimulus packages.

"We thought we could limit unemployment to 8 percent if we borrowed one and a half trillion dollars from the Communist Chinese to increase federal spending. But unemployment went way up, so obviously we didn't spend enough. Barack and I promise to spend at least $17 trillion in stimulus packages during the next two years."

Nancy Pelosi, who is losing her position as Speaker of the House of Representatives, agreed that Democrats stayed away from the polls because they were upset about taxes.

"We should have showed some courage and ended the Bush tax cuts two years ago," she said. "I promise this won't happen again.

"When we let the tax cuts expire in January, the marginal tax rate on somebody who makes more than $8,000 a year will rise from 10 percent to 15 percent. A 50 percent jump is pretty good, but a 100 percent jump would be much better for everybody."

Chairman of the Democrat Wealth and Assets Redistribution (WAR) Caucus, Royal Payne, said voters were most upset about the Obama administration's failure to redistribute wealth.

"Many people voted for President Obama and other Democrats in 2008 because they wanted the government to pay for their health care, their mortgages and their car payments," he said. "Now they're mad that the only people who got help were the billionaires who run the banks, the millionaires who run the Government Motor Company (GMC), people who could afford to buy junkers and trade them in to buy new cars as well as the other big corporations who got stimulus money.

"The Democrats must find a way to help their constituents with their mortgages and car payments.

"The people who did not vote want the government to raise the taxes on people with jobs and redistribute it to those who either have lost their jobs or who have never been lucky enough to know somebody who could get them a job."

California Democrat Justin Hale attributes the loss of his House seat to President Obama's flip-flopping over marijuana legalization.

"First the President told the FDA not to interfere in my state's medical marijuana laws," Hale said. "And then he opposes our initiative to legalize weed. Most of the Democrats I know refused to vote when they realized the weed initiative was going to fail because of President Obama."

President Barack Obama said Democrat voters stayed home in unprecedented numbers because they were upset over AIDS funding and gay marriage.

"The most opposition I saw on the campaign trail was from gays who didn't think I spent enough on AIDS," he said. "I told them my administration was doing a better job at fighting AIDS than my predecessor ever did, but they didn't seem to believe me. I must do a better job of educating them on how much better my intentions are than President Bush's ever were."

Former Congressman Noah Mo Warr of Washington said he lost his seat because voters were angry that the administration failed to pull troops out of the Middle East.

"My people thought we would be out of Iraq within 16 months of the November 2008 election and out of Afghanistan by now," he said. "Instead we have 50,000 troops in Iraq indefinitely and we're pumping up the number of troops we're sending to Afghanistan and talking about invading Pakistan."

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) said voters were upset at Democrats for not taking over more businesses during the past two years.

"We control GMC, but we should take over Ford, all the oil companies, and Walmart for starters," she said. "My constituents want to see us nationalize all business so that we can increase their welfare and Social Security checks. Governor Schwarzenegger made things worse on my constituents this week when he banned the use of welfare checks for casinos, marijuana and bingo games. He's just like any other Republican. He's just plain mean to low-income people."

Democrat National Committee Chairman Bass Kitt Cayce said Republicans won because they raised more campaign money from special interest groups.

"The GOP bought the election with the millions and millions it got from Karl Rove's American Crossroads group and other special interest groups," she said. "It's just not fair that people can contribute to a group that wants to put millions of federal employees out of work. The greedy rich folks who want to keep their money are to blame. They would rather send their money to the Republicans than give it to the IRS. There's something fundamentally wrong about that."

Lame duck Democrat Senator Jim Shorts, who will go back to his job of managing Jungle Jim Gymnastics Studios, said his party lost because "Americans are basically racist and they did not want an African-American president to have a Congress he could work with.

"The only African-Americans the right likes are those who have sold out to the slavemaster Republicans and have been brainwashed into believing that people can get out of the welfare system by getting a job."

Shorts said he fears that Republicans will attempt to revive "the outdated concept of letting people make as much money as they want and spend it how they want."

"We tried that for more than 200 years," he said, "and look where that got us."

Harry Reid of Nevada, who retained his position as Senate Majority Leader, said his party lost power because the recession wasn't severe enough in most states.

"People who live in the states hardest hit by the recession, such as Nevada, West Virginia, and California, voted to retain Democrat senators," he noted. "That's because they realize that the way to end the recession is to raise taxes on the wealthy, which will allow the federal government to hire millions of new employees."

Reid won after the casinos and hotels in Las Vegas and Reno encouraged their unionized employees to vote Democrat, then bused their employees to polling places.

Culinary Union President Kris Kosher Tunning said Reid won because union workers are tired of working for pennies in establishments that cater to wealthy Americans.

"My people don't think it's fair that they work their fingers to the bone and still don't have as much discretionary income as the lazy vacationers they service," Tunning said. "My hard-working union workers want the government to supplement their income with money derived from increased taxes on the wealthy."

Democrat Congressman Barbara SuVille of New York said Democrats lost because there are too many uneducated, unsophisticated and simple-minded voters in the great unwashed fly-over states.

"People in Kansas, Utah and Ohio are just so separated from reality that they don't realize how much they need help from the government," she said. "Plus, as President Obama, said, they are scared and want to cling to their guns, religion and money."

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