Obamas: School lunch rations are first step toward world food redistribution

by Anita Knapp

Oct. 7, 2012, New York, NY — President Obama and the First Lady today said their efforts to ration high-calorie food in school lunches is just a first step toward their goal to redistribute food worldwide.

"Wealth and energy are not the only resources that should be redistributed by governmental entitities," the president said. "Food also should be rationed because no human should consume more than his or her share of the world's food supply."

Brushing off student rebellions over the lack of high-energy food offered under his wife's ObamaFare school lunch plan as "bumps in the road," Obama said capitalism and poor parental controls have led to an epidemic of obesity in the United States while children in third world countries often "go to bed hungry, which makes them hate the United States."

The president said he has directed Food and Drug Administration Director Eaton Berry Little to expand limits on caloric intake from student lunches to all meals provided by governmental or commercial entities.

"It has been demonstrated that without federal help most citizens are unable to control their consumption of high-calorie foods," the president's wife, Michelle, said. "I, too, suffered from this personal deficiency until we moved to the White House, where experts in food preparation were able to provide me with meals that were both healthful and tasty."

Little said he hopes someday to establish limits on the amount of sugar and fat that can be purchased by individual citizens so that even those who make their own meals from scratch can benefit from federal controls.

President Obama has directed Federal Transportation Director Iona Ford, a great-granddaughter of the late automobile magnate Henry Ford, to devise a system of transporting surplus food to foreign countries where food is in short supply. Ford said the government will pay for physically redistributing the food with revenues derived from a new food tax to be imposed for overconsumption of high-calorie foods.

"As long as we call overeating fines a tax," she said, "we're confident the Supreme Court will uphold the laws we are pushing through."

Some Republican lawmakers are voicing objections to federal intrusions in private eating habits, but Obama's food czar, Jonathan "Slim" Downe, the secretary of the new Food Advisory Trust (FAT), said the progam was initiated by a Republican. He was referring to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whose proposal to ban the sale of more than 24 ounces of soda pop was passed last month by his health board.

"We don't expect to be able to control everything people do with their bodies," he said. "If somebody wants to smoke marijuana or have an abortion, we aren't going to interfere with their basic human rights. But if a person is willing to take food from the poor, we're going to crack down on that."

Childe Knapp, secretary of the Federal Department of Family Services (FDFS), vowed to protect children from parents who persist in giving minors excessive calories.

"People have talked about taking candy from babies for a long time," he said. "Now we're actually going to do it."

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