Skinnyreporter Glossary

Published here for your convenience to replace the currently inoperative Mobile App to Determine Names and Expressions in Skinnyreporter Scrawling (MADNESS)

A.D. Dee, ADD; Abe Eggar, a beggar; Ali Wahna Izza Laye, All I wanna is a lay; Allison Wanda Land, Alice in Wonderland; Anita Hanke, I need a hankie; Anita Little, I need a little; Anita Parka, Alaskan for global warming; Ann "Psycho" P. Deeah, encyclopedia; Arson Nyst, arsonist;

B. A. Ware, be aware; Ballou S. Kreen, blue screen; Barbara SuVille, barber of Seville; Barr F. Lye, barfly; Baroque N. Wrauber, broken rubber; Bass Kitt Cayce, basket case; Baye Kean Sota, baking soda; Belinda S. Eptense, blind acceptance; Ben Downe, bend down; Bieder Goode, beat her good; Bleauwen N. D'Winn, blowin' in the wind; Bob Apples, bob apples; Bohn T. Pick; bone to pick; Baum M. Goode, bomb them good; Bonnie N. Clyde, Bonnie and Clyde; Bud Wiser, Budweiser;

C.M. Wiggle, see 'em wiggle; Call M. Nast, columnist; Calla Mitty, calamity; Cher Ruskin Head, share us, skinheadP Chip Monk, chipmunk; Chris Coe, Crisco; Cole D. Schauers, cold showers; Con T. Blivut, can't believe it; Corrie Ander, coriander;Cole Burns, coal burns; Cree P. Cooke, creepy cook;

Danielle Boone, Daniel Boone; Dr. Dee Kaye; Dr. Decay; Dee Klein, decline; Dee Prest; depressed; Dee Veedy, DVD; Deese L. Burner, diesel burner; Dinah Moe, dynamo; Don Quilava, donkey lover; Doug Upgraves, dug up graves; Drew P. Lydds, droopy lids; Duncan A. Lake, dunk in a lake;

Eileen Left, I lean left; Eileen Wright, I lean right; Elizabeth Zoe (E.Z.) Ryder, Easy Rider; Erin Burr, air in brrr;

Fannie May, Fannie Mae; Faye Bluhr, fabler; Faye K. Beard, fake beard; Forrest Greene, forest green; Forrest Sayle, forest sale; Freda Fox, freed a fox;

Gale Storm, gale storm; Gaye Hooker, gay hooker; Gia Spott, g spot; Gladys Ober, glad it's over; Graff Reider, graph reader;

Haight Meriweather, global warming scientist; Hamilton "Ham" Burger, hamburger; Hardy C. Graffs, hard to see graphs; Harry Lages, hairy legs; Harry N. White, hairy and white, polar bear expert; Harry Reid, hairy reed; Hawes Style, hostile; Hayes L. Knutt, hazelnut; Heddon Sand, head in sand; Hugh Jass, huge ass;

I Burns Moss, I burns moss; I. Hurja Wright, I heard you right; I. Mara Gunt, I'm arrogant; I. Reid Graffs, I read graphs; I. Vegas Haugg, I've a gas hog;, Ima Hogg, I'm a hog; Inderang Qui, in the wrong key; Iona Stonehouse, I own a stone house; Isabel Ringer, is a bell ringer;

Jaimey S. Mann, I'm a yes man; Jean Poole, gene pool; Jim Shorts, gym shorts; Joe King, joking; Johnnie C. Laitley, Johnny come lately; June Flowers, June flowers; Justin Hale, just inhale;

Kathie Terr, catheter; Kay Rayshenz, K ration; Keelan Early, keeling early; Kerr Ryan, crying; Knight Kroller, nightcrawler; Kris Kosher Tunning, Crisco shortening; Kuray Z. Wurier, crazy worrier;

Lee D. Guys, lead guys; Les B. Frank, let's be frank; Les Holm, less home; Lowell Ryder, low rider; Lindsey D. Oyal (lindseed oil);

M.T. Pauketts, empty pockets; Manny Wong Kordz, many wrong chords; Mary A. Richman, marry a rich man; Marv N. Gaye, Marvin Gaye; Mary A. Farmer, marry a farmer; Mary Moore, marry more; Maude E. Rivers, muddy rivers; Melton A. Whey, meltin' away; Melvin "Mel" O. Dee, melody; Minnie Van Gogh, minivan go; Mrs. Sippey, Mississippi; Michael "Girlie" Mann, Michael girlie man, global warming expert; Mick T. Supnurd, mixed-up nerd; Milan S. Browne, my land's brown; Miss A. Sippey, Mississippi; Mo L. Hills, mole hills; Myron Downe Karr, my rundown car;

Needa Bier, need a beer; N. Hugh Mayne, inhumane; Noah Count, no account; Noah Mo Warr, no more war; Norma Lee Smart, normally smart;

Ofun Wong, often wrong; Owen Bigg, owing big; Owen Hellfry Zazover, Oh, when hell freezes over;

P. Cox & Al Pahkahs, peacocks and alpacas; Paige Turner, page turner; Pat Downe, pat down; Peg Laye Gimper, peg leg gimper; Penny Wise, pennywise; Phil Poole, fill pool; Phil Upgraves, fill up graves; Phoebe Lowe, fee be low; Polly Waugg, polliwog;

R. Caesar Ryzen, our seas are rising; Rena L. Kayer, renal care; Rhee Peter, repeater; Rick O'Shea, ricochet; Rick Shaws, rickshaws; Rico Lawe, Ricola; Rita Buch, read a book, Rose Thorne, rose thorn; Rosetta Stone, Rosetta Stone; Royal Payne, royal pain; Ruth Les, ruthless;

S. Knotts Oliver, snots all over; Sandy C. Schorr, sandy seashore; Sayid Turac, sidetrack; Senna Sayid; Seymour Dews, see more dues; Seymore Mercury, see more mercury; Sharon Nall, sharing all; Sherwood Forrest, Sherwood Forest; Sly McGoo, slimey goo; Sly Semupp, slice 'em up; Stone Dydler, stoned idler; Sue Mi, sue me; Sue Moore Friesz, sue more, freeze; Sue Widge, sewage; Swanson Pond, swans on pond; Sven Leitz Arlo, when lights are low;

Tad Pohl, tadpole; Tanner Hyde, tan her hyde; Thad S. Inkret-Ibel, that's incredible; Thelonius Gallintown, the loneliest gal in town; Theo Lowe Jenn, theologian; Trina Forrest, tree in a forest; Ty Knotts, tie knots;

Wanda D. Moore, wanted more; Walter Mellon, watermelon; Ware D. Resez, wear dresses; Warren Floods Cumming, war and floods coming, global warming alarmist; Weather B. Magnum, Weatherby Magnum (rifle); Will Wynn, will win; Willis Hurt, will this hurt?; Wood Rathers Nohr, would rather snore; Wyatt Hertz, why it hurts;

X. Poe Jour, exposure;

Y.U. Reading II, why you reading, too?; Yuri Kassid, uric acid; Yutha Naja, euthanasia;


CCCP, Concerned Climate Change Professionals;
CRAP, Chickens Resisting Animal Patties and California Regional Atmospheric Province, global warming alarmists;
CULL, Chinese United for Life Limits;

FAG, Federated Association of Grocers;

GMC, Global Moderation Community; GOSPEL, God Orders Suing People Except Lawyers;

I-SOB, Indian Subcontinent Overpopulation Bureau

MAC, methane aggregating contraption; MADNESS, Mobile App to Determine Names and Expressions in Skinnyreporter Scrawling;

NAZI, National Association of Zoology and Ichthyology;

ODDBALLS, Opposition to Destruction, Decay, Burning And Littoral Littering Society;
PETA 2, People for the Eating of Tasty Animals, Too;
PIGS, Policy for Independent Groupthink Strategy;

SCARE, Scientists Concerned About Reduced Endothermodyamics and Scientific Community of Ascending Rate Experts, both global warming groups; SMOG, Stop Manufacturing Official Group; UGLY CD, Union of Gay, Lesbian and Y Chromosome Cross-Dressers (), WACKOS, World Atmospheric Cold and Kelvin Opposition Society

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