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Why I Hate Glenn Beck

Guest Editorial
Donna Noah-Singh
National Progressive News Service

WASHINGTON, D.C., April 27, 2011 — If there is one person in America who represents the most dangerous threat to Democratic control of the federal government, it is Glenn Beck, whom I consider tantamount to the late Reverend Jim Jones, who brainwashed his followers into killing themselves in central America a few years back

Beck's followers are nothing more than cyanide-laced Koolaid drinkers; they believe anything he says, whether it's that President Roosevelt imprisoned people simply because of their national origin or that President Obama wants to raise taxes on wealthy Americans even if doing so could harm the economy.

My family has voted Democrat for four generations beginning with President Franklin D. Roosevelt and continuing until the present day. I'm not about to change simply because my party has changed with the times. Standards, principles and policies change, party allegiances do not.

Beck's beliefs are antithetical to my own. I probably agree with this demagogic derelict perhaps 5 percent of the time, and that is when he praises the late Reverend Martin Luther King. However, I suspect that the reason he so often lauds King is that Beck is trying to fool people into thinking that he is not a racist. That's also why he had black singers and black preachers take the stage at his so-called Restoring Honor rally in my town last year.

But I'm not fooled. I know that anybody who is against giving jobs to minorities simply because of the color of their skin is a racist. Beck also exposed his pernicious racism when he came out in support of the Arizona law that President Obama pointed out would have threatened every Latino family who wants to go out for ice cream without the risk of being deported.

Beck says he fights for freedom, but when it comes to the freedoms that I treasure most, he is against those. He would take away my freedom to have an abortion if I decide I don't want a baby. He consistently criticizes some of my family's favorite pasttimes, such as drinking adult beverages, smoking high-quality hashish, watching what I want on the Internet, and having sex with whomever I want and whenever I want. I'm convinced he would take away all those freedoms if he had his way.

And yet he fights hard for things that can harm me and other American citizens, such as the so-called right to bear arms. He thinks anybody but criminals and mentally ill persons should be able to buy a gun and even use it. Unless we keep everybody from owning guns, we won't be able to take them from criminals, too.

Beck thinks it is right for him to criticize my party and my party's leaders without being equally critical of the Republican party. He keeps arguing that my government is too big and that wealthy people should not pay more in taxes. There's no way that somebody like him should be allowed to be on the public air waves.

And then there comes the matter of religion. He thinks that every American should worship a supernatural being that no scientist can prove ever existed. And then he has the gall to suggest that we should follow the example of an anarchist who claimed to be the son of God, an apostate Jew who tried to destroy society and religion. Not only that, but Beck is a Mormon, which means he believes that Jesus will come back to earth to take over the whole world. How Anti-American is that?

Beck thinks that anybody who works hard can succeed in America without the help of the government. And yet we all know that no business could survive without federal support.

He wants to ruin our environment by allowing oil companies to drill for oil beneath the ocean, in the West and even in a wildlife refuge in Alaska. If he had his way, gasoline would cost only $1 a gallon, and everybody would be driving around burning more and more of it.

He obviously cares more about comfort and convenience than Mother Earth. He wants to keep letting people waste fossil fuels by driving SUVs big enough for a Mormon or Catholic family.

He thinks people should be allowed to burn precious natural gas in home furnaces and even wants to see us extract more of the natural gas beneath the surface of the earth. He thinks we should still be cutting down trees to make paper and build houses when we really ought to be transitioning toward a society where we each live in a cubicle and riding bicycles to reduce our carbon footprints.

Speaking of carbon, Beck doesn't even believe scientists who say the earth is heating up because of all the fossil fuels we are burning. He thinks it's a natural cycle, and there's nothing we can do about it.

He should get with the program. If he doesn't start encouraging people to buy electric cars and electric lawnmowers, the ice caps will melt, the polar bears will drown, and penguins will go extinct as their nesting grounds go under water.

But what really irks me about Glenn Beck is that he calls President Obama a socialist. Obama is not a socialist. He believes our representatives and judges can vote freely to decide who gets to keep their money and who has to turn it over to the government. That is the essence of democracy — when the majority can tell the minority what to do.

Beck must have burned out a few too many brain cells when he was an alcoholic. He can't seem to get it through his thick skull that all the controversy over President Obama's birth certificate and other records is muddying up the waters, not making them clearer. The president is doing exactly as he promised, making his the most transparent presidency in history.

While Beck supported Bush's war in Iraq, he won't support President Obama in helping the freedom fighters in Libya. Somehow he thinks General Sadam Hussein was worse than Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

I think Beck can be understood by examining his background.

He was brain-washed into accepting capitalism by his father, who owned a bakery that made an obscene profit by charging common people more for bread than it cost to produce. He grew up in an area where guns were used more often for hunting and target shooting than for killing people.

In his high school minorities were in the minority, while Christian propagandists forced the public students to sing Christmas carols and allowed them to wear Halloween costumes.

His school library contained such offensive works as "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," "The Merchant of Venice" and the Bible.

During the years that Beck grew up, children were often slapped and hit by parents and even teachers.

A United States flag, the symbol of racist imperialism, was raised daily on a pole in front of his high school. Prayers were allowed in the council meetings of his city.

People were repressed by draconian regulations that prevented clothing-optional dancing in private clubs.

Gays were called such evil names as homosexuals, African Americans were called blacks and colored people and even Negroes, and mentally challenged individuals were called retards.

There was such little regard for human laife that children were allowed to ride bicycles without wearing helmets, Boy Scouts rode in the beds of pickup trucks, and most children never used seat belts. Pregnant teens were not allowed to have abortions, so many children were allowed to come into the world unwanted, and many were given up for adoption by strangers.

Most poor people had to rely on the kin dness of neighbors or local churches for survival. The government did not have enough money to support people who could not work because most laborers were allowed to keep most of their money. Schoolchildren were taught that communism was evil and socialism would ruin society.

No wonder Beck turned out to be the way he is.

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"Nothing is more responsible for the good old days than a bad memory." — Franklin Pierce Adams

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