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Hispanic rioters run wild in California

by B. Lowe Aggascatt

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Thousands of Hispanics rioted Saturday across California, demanding a ban on displaying American flags as well as the wearing of "blatantly patriotic" jewelry and clothing.

Carrying Mexican flags and chanting "si se puede" — "yes we can" — rioters set fire to shops, turned over American-made cars, and destroyed signs that contained only English words. The disturbance began when four Caucasian students were sent home from high school for wearing U.S. flag shirts on Wednesday and then allowed to return to school the next day. More than 200 Hispanic students staged a protest, walking out of the school, Live Oak High in Morgan Hills about six hours north of here.

"Those boys should have been permanently suspended for dissing Mexico," said Javier Casia as he joined protesters who were emptying the cash registers of a San Diego T-shirt shop. The store had been targeted because it had been selling T-shirts decorated with American flags and bald eagles. Pointing toward a pile of clothing stacked inside the store, Casia said, "We burn these now. We want more ash, not cash!"

The mob poured tequilla on the shirts, set them on fire, and began chanting, "America es El Diablo grande" ̵ "America is the great Satan!"

"Stores with 'Vote for Obama' or 'Change We Can Believe In' signs are OK," Casia said. "Obama is a good guy. He won a lot of friends among our people when he refused to wear a U.S. flag pin. But we are mad at these capitalists who continue to make a good living while we need to carry fake green cards to go out for ice cream."

In San Jose about 300 rioters pitched bricks through the windows of homes and cars that displayed American flag decals or bumper stickers.

"This is the symbol of American imperialism," said Manuel Leivar as he ripped a small flag off the antenna of a Ford truck and tore it into pieces. "You know that the United States stole California from Mexico, don't you? I'm mad that I'm a citizen because I was born here. My parents still have to hide from the Border Patrol whenever we go to Arizona."

Another mob with their faces painted red, white and green R the colors of the Mexican flag — rushed onto an orange farm near Anaheim, pointing angrily at a tractor painted red, white and blue.

"Burn it! Burn it!" the crowd chanted as several heavily tattoed men dressed in red, white and green jumpsuits poured gasoline on the adjacent house and started it on fire.

"These imperialist gringos need to go home," a young woman who was wearing six-inch silver hoop earrings said. "Back to Italy or France or wherever they came from. This is our land now!"

Back in Morgan Hills the assistant principal who sent the four schoolboys home withdrew his apology.

"The Mexicans who go to school here deserve to celebrate Cinco de Mayo without having American patrioism forced upon them," Angel DeMuerte said. "Believe me, if they had food stamps, welfare, rent subsidies, free tuition and free medical care at home, they wouldn't be here."It's time we recognized California as part of Mexico and not the United States of America. We are proud descendants of the Spanish soldiers who fought to get this land from the savages, and we want what those soldiers battled so hard to get."

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom today signed an executive order banning public exhibition of American flags or likenesses thereof.

"Blatant patriotism will not be tolerated," he said. "America was built upon the backs of slaves and Latin American indentured servants who don't need to be reminded daily of the government that allowed them to be mistreated and underpaid. Display of American flags will be allowed inside private homes but only if the curtains are drawn or the blinds closed.

"Last week we welcomed the undocumented migrants who are in jeopardy of being arrested in Arizona, and the least we could do now is show them a warm welcome by hanging Mexican flags along our streets."

A mob in Oxnard was led by Pancho Villaloco, who praised Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara, who oversaw thousands of executions in his fight to bring communism to the new world. Villaloco called for a revolution against American imperialism and capitalism.

"Capitalism is our true enemy," he said, "not the drug dealers who have killed thousands of our people, not the gringos who have killed 4,000 of our people, not the corrupt police officers and politicians who have raped our own country. No, it is capitalism and imperialism.

"Capitalism has made America wealthy; everybody here has too much. And that is why we Mexicanos are poor. We come up here to work for them and share in the fruits of capitalism, but we must do everything in our power to overthrow this evil system, which allows people to earn a living that is far superior to what we can hope for in Mexico. Americans must be stripped of their material goods, their security and their freedoms so that they will understand how we feel."

The crowd cheered.

"We don't need food," mobster Javier Noclu yelled. "We don't need money! We don't need nothing! What we need is these dirty capitalists to give us back the land we stand on. We are on Mexican so

il. We want it back, and if they won't give it back, we'll take it."

Suddenly Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger drove up in his red, white and green low-rider 1965 Chevy Impala convertible. He jumped on the hood and ripped off his suit to reveal the same uniform that he had worn while fighting "Predator."

"Yo estoy Mexicano," he yelled, reminiscient of John F. Kennedy's remark, "Ich Bin Ein Berliner," which JFK made to show his support of the German people in 1963 after the Soviet-backed East German imperialists built the Berlin Wall.

"We don't need a new Berlin Wall on our southern border!" Schwarzenegger cried. "We need a wall on our eastern border. This is Mexico now!"

And with that he pulled a two-foot wooden key painted with golden spray paint from the rear seat of the Impala and handed it to Villaloco.

"This state is now belongs to you, the people of Mexico!" he shouted.

And the crowd cheered.

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