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Reilly, you missed out
on the Jimmer

by Rich LaRocco

The writer Rick Reilly in New Orleans last week
Finally saw the Jimmer and sent out a tweet
This Cougar's no good, he's worser than bad
In this the baddest game the Jimmer had had.

Reilly never watched the Jimmer before
He missed all the times he got 40 or more,
When he showed Derrick Williams a thing or two,
Scored forty nine before he was through.

Rick wasn't at Utah the night Jimmer got,
What no respectable Ute thought he ought,
An honor no Cougar had seen in a dream,
A standing ovation from Ute fans and team.

Our writer missed a great win of the season,
When UNLV saw a thing beyond reason,
A Brigham Young win in the Thomas and Mack,
Jimmer got thirty nine on attack.

Alas, poor Rick never saw the game of the year,
When the number four Aztecs came with no fear,
They said we ain't losin' to BYU no more,
But Jimmer got forty three on shot twenty four

Then Rick was asleep when the rematch was played,
In San Diego where State's game plan was frayed
By the Jimmer, who passed like a pro,
Got nine dimes and left the 'Tecs low.

Did Reilly see the Jimmer take up the challenge?
On the Lobos in Vegas, where he got revenge?
The refs watched him get pounded time after time,
But Jimmer got fifty two with just one trip to the line.

The Y could not compete in a conference with power,
That's what they said from the ivory tower.
Had they forgotten Florida's early exit last March?
Jimmer's thirty-seven, his high, pretty arch?

This year the rematch was Sweet Sixteen,
A win for the Gators, they said a sure thing.
Jimmer started to pass, but his teammates did bad.
In 30-plus games no worse shooting they'd had.

Then the Jimmer got 32 in the blink of an eye,
Would Florida lose once more to the Y?
Now beaten and bruised and with a sore calf,
The Jimmer wasn't himself, not even half.

Then right before regulation ran out,
A BYU foul shot simply rimmed out,
And try as he might to fight and contend,
The Jimmer could not make a shot at the end.

In overtime the man ran with a limp,
But he played at a prison; he ain't no wimp,
So he did what always had worked before,
He cast up two shots from twenty and four.

Alas, what he dreamt was not meant to be,
No Elite Eight or Final Four would he see,
The overmatched Cougars had a great year,
Thirty-two wins, a brand new frontier

So Reilly wrote it up, 'The Jimmer's no good,
His teammates are worse with no tatts from the hood
None can jump or or make a trey
These clean-cut Mormons simply can't play.

'Reading the Bible and looking to God,
Such clean-living boys in Big Easy look odd,
Jimmer's two best men were riding the pine,
One was hurt, the other crossed the line.'

Once they hoped for a number one seed,
Instead we watched Jimmer suffer and bleed,
His team came up a single shot shy,
Of win thirty-three and another to try.

Reilly don't know it, but the Jimmer was great
For two whole decades did America wait,
To see a man score so much in D-one,
And to watch the Jimmer, gee, that was fun!

I wrote the poem in response to ESPN writer Rick Reilly's critical article, Jimmer grows dimmer. Reilly reportedly admitted penning the article on the basis of watching Jimmer Fredette of BYU play basketball just once, the overtime loss to Florida last week. He didn't mention that Fredette injured a leg in the game and shot far worse than his averages of 45 percent from the field and more than 40 percent from three-point land even though most teams' defenses are geared toward stopping him. Nor did he mention that Fredette won more games than any BYU player in history with a record 32 wins this year despite losing one of his best big men for the season and his best rebounder and second-leading scorer for the entire post-season. Nor did he note that Fredette scored more points this season than any college player in 20 years. Or that he almost single-handedly beat an Elite Eight team, Arizona, twice in the past two years, once by 30 points after he scored 49 points and was pulled from the game with 2:55 left. Or that his team beat a No. 4 ranked team handily and then defeated that same team again in a rematch. While Reilly writes an article praising Butler's great player, Matt Howard, he says he is unimpressed by the Jimmer, who admittedly had one of the worst games of the year when Reilly finally got around to watching him. The writer seems hung up on appearances and stereotypes. He pokes fun at how Fredette looks and acts. He compares the Cougars to pizza delivery guys and said he has seen dead bodies play better defense than Jimmer. He said Jimmer is slow and has YMCA hops. I doubt many YMCA players have a 36 vertical leap, as Fredette does. And fewer still a 40-inch leap, such as his teammate Jackson Emergy. And when Jimmer is uninjured, he constantly leaves defenders to the dust. Reilly does make an obligatory mention of one NBA player's praise of Jimmer and then immediately discounts it. Click here for more details on what people who know and love basketball have said about Jimmer. Enough. We hope you enjoy the poem.

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"Jimmer Fredette is the best scorer in the world!!"
– R NBA All Star and leading scorer Kevin Durrant, who played against Fredette in practice USA Basketball games while preparing for the world basketball championships in 2010.

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