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by Jeannie S. Ryder

PHOENIX, Ariz. — The state senator who sponsored the Arizona immigration enforcement law, Russell Pearce, has been taking heat since the bill was signed into law April 23.

Newspaper writers, "Progressive" politicians, undocumented immigrants and their advocates alike have been taking shots at the former sheriff's deputy.

"This guy prejudiced against us," said Cesar D. Ragas, an undocumented Mexican who said he specializes in the distribution of botanical derivatives. "We got two bullets in him years before. Ever since, he been mean. He want keep people from make money. He always try keeping us from sell what people want buy. He hate Mexican Los Zetas social group and don't want peoples with no papers to have guns. He not good guy."

Another undocumented immigrant, Mario Juan Acaria, who described himself as an entrepreneur who has built a thriving international package transportation business, said Pearce is envious of alien businessmen who have learned how to earn tax-free income.

"He just mad that he stupid enough to pay taxes when I don't have to," he said. "He always try put me out of business. He handcuff my best carrier once and told him he is mad that we get free doctors and medicine when he have to pay. As Americans say, just follow the money."

Joaquin Aloveria, a Mexico City native who said he specializes in recycling metal products at construction sites in Tucson and Phoenix, said Pearce has been especially vindictive since his son, a deputy sheriff, was shot in the stomach while arresting an undocumented Mexican in 2004.

"Border Patrol officers told me traffic ticket is worse than crossing border with no papers," he said. "But Russell Pearce think we criminals. He calls us illegal aliens, like we from other world. Bigot for sure."

Liberal advocate Randal C. Archibold of the formerly objective New York Times called Pearce a "politically incorrect embarrassment" and pointed out that he once appeared in a "widely circulated" photograph with a man who was a speaker at a neo-Nazi conference.

"I am photographed with many strangers at various events every year," Pearce said. "I didn't know this guy's background. I could not possibly know whether anyone I've ever met had associated with neo-Nazis.

"Like all conservatives, I hate Nazis and neo-Nazis. They are socialists, fascists and racists. The only racists you find in America anymore are Nazis. But you'll find plenty of fascists and socialists among the leftists who are running our country today. Nazi is short for Nationalsozialismus, which means National Socialist Party. So I have to say that the closest thing you would find to a Nazi today is a liberal Democrat.

"My bill calls for enforcement of U.S. immigration law. It has nothing to do with racism. We conservatives have no problem with legal immigrants. I would welcome anybody who comes here legally to work."

When interviewed by Skinnyreporter.com, Archibold said it was difficult to find a photograph of Pearce with a man of questionable character and praised his team of assistants who found it.

"Pearce is a devout Mormon," Archibold said, "and so we knew right away he is an enemy of the people because he opposes abortion, legalization of marijuana, gay marriage, strip clubs and pornography. He obviously favors violence and murder because he thinks regular people ought to be able to buy and use guns. If he had his way, he would cut taxes and hamstring the government. He's basically against everything that President Obama is for. Pearce is a menace to society.

"But Mormons generally lead pretty boring lives, and Pearce is no exception. We had to go through thousands of photographs of him at family events, school appearances, church activities, political rallies, sheriff's department meetings, library board meetings, Boy Scout camps, and stuff like that. We were going no place.

"We got really frustrated when he saw him with lots of smiling Latinos, and we just about gave up when we found that most Mormons live outside the U.S. and millions speak Spanish.

"We finally decided to go at it from the other direction, so we started looking at photos of unsavory characters. That proved to be a challenge because we found pictures of communists with President Obama, Las Vegas mobsters with Harry Reid, quite a few different Democrats with Bernie Madoff, former Ku Klux Klan members with Al Gore and Chuck Schumer, lots of convicted felons with various major media types, and even a cheating liar with Hillary Clinton after she decided to take him back.

"We were going backwards until we stumbled across that picture, which was taken in 2007. Maybe Pearce didn't know who that guy was, but we got proof he was together with him for a fleeting moment at the very least. It was about the only tie we could find that connected Pearce to racism, so we're going with it. Anybody who has ever been within four feet of a racist must necessarily be a racist himself."

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"The policies that our federal government have in place are inhumane, letting illegals travel through the desert for days before catching them. They need to be stopped at the border." — Gary Thatcher, Arizona citizen

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