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Obama boasts of another promise kept: "I told you I would bankrupt coal-fired electric generating plants," he said. "Congress won't pass the legislation I want, so I'm using the EPA to do it for me."

Obama's war on women continues as he sends billions of dollars to Islamic extremists who vow to permit wife beating, put women in burqas and ban females in school.

Obama campaign wins media award for effective propaganda tactics

by Phil Listeen

April 30, 2012, New York, NY — A national news media group, the League of Information Experts (LIE), has awarded its annual Saul Alinsky Silver Serpent Award to President Obama's reelection campaign for "outstanding application of time-honored propaganda techniques."

"The president as well as all the president's men are doing a fantastic job of employing tactics that would have made the Kremlin proud," said LIE Director George Stephanopoulos, former communications director for Bill Clinton's presidential campaign and currently an anchor for ABC News. "They are adept at employing all the well-known logical fallacies as well as other proven methods of persuasion, such as evasiveness, misrepresentation and fabrication."

LIE Awards Committee Chairman Chris Matthews, a former speech writer for President Jimmy Carter and an aide to the late Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill and currently a news anchor for MSNBC, said the committee usually waits until a campaign is over before conferring the award, but Obama has shown "such exemplary leadership in using quotes out of context, employing straw man arguments, effective use of nonfactual information and changing the subject that he and his staff deserve timely recognition."

"A truly great propagandist deflects criticism by going on the offensive," Matthews said. "We salute the president for using Mitt Romney's quotes out of context to plant the idea in voters' minds that Romney would would not have allowed the Navy Seals to kill Osama bin Laden. That is a masterful method of changing the topic from the recessionary economy to Obama's greatest accomplishment as a commander-in-chief who ran on an anti-war agenda."

Committee Member Donna Brazile, formerly director of Al Gore's presidential campaign and a current contributor to CNN and ABC News, said she voted for the Obama team because she was impressed by its ability to initiate the so-called war on women.

"Even though no GOP candidate wants to make birth control illegal," she said, "the Obama campaign has created that impression by having George Stephanopoulos ask Mitt Romney about it. Our polls indicate that a large percentage of independent voters now are afraid Romney will require drug makers to replace birth control pills with placebos and latex manufacturers to poke holes in their condoms."

Democrat operative Andrea Mitchell, chief foreign affairs correspondent for NBC news, said Obama was losing to Romney in the polls until other Obama supporters who work for the mainstream news media operatives were able to marginalize females associated with the GOP. She said the Obama campaign was stung in 2008 when many female Democrats and independents voted for McCain because Sarah Palin was on the ticket as his vice-presidential candidate.

"President Obama's team initiated cooperative efforts with liberal entertainers and Democrats in the major media to make ad hominem attacks to prevent such a recurrence," Mitchell said. "Pretty well every successful Republican woman has been labeled with the c-word, the l-word or the s-word. Independents and Democrats love that, so there's very little chance that anybody would vote for the opposition this year."

Avowed Obamaphile Eleanor Clift of Newsweek and a member of the LIE Awards Committee said the Obama team impressed her with its ability to misuse statistics. She cited as an example the president's false claim that his administration had increased domestic oil production even though he had made every effort to reduce it.

"A really good propaganda team will fight like a wildcat for or against an issue, and if the team loses, it will turn that around to its advantage," she said. "Obama and his cabinet did everything they could do keep Americans from producing oil and gasoline, including cancelling oil and gas leases out West, and stopping exploration in the Arctic, the Gulf Coast and the outer continental shelf. They could do very little about private land oil recovery and new technologies, such as fracking, which caused oil production to increase anyway under Obama's watch. Now his team is making sure he is getting credit for it."

Dr. Sheeza Flake, another awards committee member who teaches Advanced Political Propaganda at the University of Michigan, said the Obama team effectively employs such a variety of propaganda techniques that she has her graduate students watch the news rather than study textbooks.

"Some of the Obama campaign's tactics are so subtle that most people don't even notice them," she said. "For example, to draw away attention from the fact that the president is a multimillionaire whose wife wears $540 tennis shoes and a $2,400 dress, the campaign pointed out this week that Mitt Romney's wife, Ann, had an expensive shirt.

"The Obama team knows that Mitt won't point out that the first lady wears clothing worth thousands of dollars and has taken 17 vacations totaling $30 million in three and a half years," Flake said. "And even if he does, the mass media won't report his reply because they want to see the president reelected."

Awards committee member Chuck Todd, an NBC News correspondent and a former campaign staffer for the Democrat senator, Tom Harkin of Iowa, said he admires the Obama team's propaganda tactic of using euphemisms.

""Obama had promised not to raise taxes by a single dime on the middle class, so he labeled as 'fees' all 19 taxes in the Affordable Healthcare Act," he said. "The name of the act itself was superb propaganda that was necessary to get the votes it needed to pass, but anybody with a lick of sense knew there was no chance that it would make health care affordable. Now that health insurance rates have skyrocketed, the president doesn't want to draw attention to that fact, so he decided to let people use 'Obamacare,' which he really likes because it gives him credit."

Award committee member James Carville, who served as Bill Clinton's presidential campaign manager before working for CNN, said the Obama campaign employs fabrication, falsification, misinformation and prevarication better than any campaign he has ever witnessed.

"President Obama doesn't even blink when he says something that is not true," Carville said. "I've never seen anybody speak with forked tongue so convincingly, which is why the Silver Serpent Award is entirely appropriate."

Carville said Obama realizes that repeatedly repeating a repetitive repetition can cause most people to think the claim is true.

"Most people think Warren Buffet's secretary pays more in taxes than he does because President Obama has said it over and over," he said. "The truth is that Buffet pays more than 20,000 times as much tax as his secretary. Buffet's share of the taxes paid by just one of his company's last year more than $1 billion. For those who are challenged in math, you would have to write 1,000 checks of $1 million each to reach $1 billion."

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