White House explains banishment of high tech reporter

by Ty Preider

WASHINGTON, D.C., April 29, 2011 — President Obama's press secretary, I. May Kruels, today explained why the White House banished a high tech reporter from its press pool.

"Carla Marinucci simply broke the rules," she said. "She knows very well that reporters are limited to pens and pads when covering detractors of this administration. She made a video of protesters at a hotel here in town, and that is simply not acceptable."

Kruels said Marinucci, a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, should have known the penalty after the White House excluded Fox News from newsmaking interviews because the network gave air time to opponents of the president.

"Carla knows that only licensed representatives of pre-approved news media may employ high tech devices, such as video cameras, digital still cameras, digital recorders, laptops and smart phones," she said. "We often make exceptions but not to reporters whose coverage is negative."

"Reporters should know better," she said. "Everybody knows the president won't sit down with Fox pseudo-News because they have allowed his opponents almost unlimited access. Why should he allow any other media to question his policies and actions?"

White House video specialist Farrah Siez said the meeting she set up between Obama and Facebook executives should not be interpreted to mean that the president favors the use of high tech communication by opponents.

"The president met with Facebook because they reach a lot of voters," she said. "He used the opportunity to explain why he wants to raise taxes so that people who are not fortunate enough to have high-paying jobs can share in the wealth of the high tech revolution."

White House press monitor Burns Buchs said the administration is commited to reducing the unprecedented criticism that has reached the general public as conservatives gain access to alternative media and Fox News.

"We used to be able to count on the press and the three major television networks," Buchs said. "Usually at least 90 percent of their reporters voted for Democrats, and so naturally they gave us good coverage and refused to hire or promote reporters with incorrect views.

"Now anybody with a laptop and a blog or a mini-recorder can say things that are destructive to a Democrat administration."

The administration's chief public relations officer, Haight O. Ponance, said Obama has not declared a truce with Fox News, calling a report that he would sit down with news anchor Major Garrett a "vicious lie."

"We thought Fox was on the right track in getting rid of Glenn Beck," he said, "but then we found out he quit on his own because he thought he was preaching to the choir. We won't cooperate with Fox until they get rid of Hannity and O'Reilly and stop letting the president's enemies complain every time he does something."

Democrat National Committee media specialist B. Lagers Bannum said voters can help the party regain control of the media if his party wins the White House and both houses of Congress in 2012.

"Our best bets at controlling bloggers is the FCC's net neutrality rule," he said. "And we think we can get Rush Limbaugh off the air by reviving the Fairness Doctrine. To regain control of the television networks our best bet is probably to boycott advertisers on Fox or any other station that lets extremists on the air. If that doesn't work, some liberal blogger will probably bomb Fox."

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