Obama expands 'indefinite, preventive detention'

by May Day

WASHINGTON, D.C., Oct. 12, 2010. — In a move that reminded some pundits of Steven Spielberg's 2002 movie, Minority Report, President Barack Obama today expanded his "indefinite, preventive detention" program to include political dissidents and bigots.

"My team has been working very hard with all three branches of government to ensure that IPD is constitutional and within the framework of law," Obama said. "And where the law was never formulated in such a way as to deal with the problems we face today, we have constructed a new legal regime that is well within our constitutional principles to permit indefinite detention of future criminals that pose a threat to the principles of the United States."

He said that his program is not based on fear, which is how he characterized former President George W. Bush's "poorly planned, haphazard approach" in detaining terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

"IPD is based on real, potential dangers that could be posed by groups and individuals that would like nothing more than to stop the incredible progress my administration has made in fundamentally changing this, the greatest government in the history of the world," he said.

"We have made great strides in creating an equitable system of wealth redistribution that is fair to everybody," he said, "and it is, therefore, vital at this stage of progress to thwart enemies whose sole aim is to place road blocks on the march to history.

"Let me remind everybody that American principles of fairness and democracy demand that the wealthy contribute their fair share toward the welfare of our nation.

"For too long the wealthy have been allowed to earn as much money as they like and to keep an unfair percentage of their earnings. My hope is to return to the marginal tax rates before Reagan. It's high time that those who earn more than $250,000 a year pay a minimum of 90 percent of their income to the federal government.

"And lest my critics call that extreme, let me remind them that during the administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was fortunate enough to have a Congress controlled by Democrats who would cooperate with him, the top marginal tax rate went from 25 percent to 91 percent.

"In other words, during FDR's last two years, the wealthy paid 91 percent on income over $200,000 a year. State and federal governments took the rest. So my redistribution plan is actually quite moderate as I'm lowering the percentage by one and raising the top tax bracket to $250,000. Most people won't find themselves in that tax bracket unless they inherit property or win the lottery."

Editor's note: Click here to see federal tax rates before President Ronald Reagan slashed them in the early '80s.

Obama introduced Yale professor of economics Anita D'Monet as the nation's first IPD chief. D'Monet's ancestors were among those who beheaded Marie Antoinette and other wealthy Frenchmen and Frenchwomen who resisted efforts to redistribute wealth in the French Revolution of 1789 to 1799.

D'Monet had chaired a committee of persons representing more than 100 progressive political, religious and environmental groups that had hammered out the details of how indefinite, preventive detention will be defined and applied.

"Definitely defining a definition of indefinite detention defined our deliberations," she said. "Fearing interdetermination, we agreed on a definition of indefinite as not finite or defined but as indeterminate and the definition of detention as a decision to detain while lacking documentation of definitive and definite acts directed toward destruction."

She said the same parties that comprised the bulk of attendees at the Democrats' "One Nation Working Together" rally on Oct. 2 came together to write the IPD law. Among the leaders formulating the new regulations were the Robin P. Lawnder, president of the American Communist Party, President Obama's former communist green czar Van Jones, former ACORN Director Mai T. Oakes and Hugh G. O'Shaw-Bess of the United Workers Union.

"The most salient feature of IPD is that anybody who walks like a bigot, talks like a bigot and looks like a bigot is a bigot," D'Monet said. "In other words, if you act like a bigot, we can reasonably assume that you are highly likely to commit crimes based on your bigotry.

"Unless you're an African-American, therefore, the use of the N word will land you in jail to prevent you from committing crimes based on racial prejudice. And if you shave your head or get racially insensitive tattoos while you're behind bars, you can just plan to stay there indefinitely."

Harry Baer, executive director of the American Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Transvestite, Polyandrous, Polygamous and Bi-Sexual Union, said his group is celebrating IPD as a landmark bill that is analagous to the Civil Rights Bill of 1964.

"No longer will it be legal to use hate speech regarding gay people or to denigrate citizens with other sexual persuasions," he said. "Now we finally can end the bigoted, hateful statements that God does not condone homosexual activity.

From now on nobody can tell us that homosexuals can change. And hopefully this will keep people from saying such unproven theories as a person's sexual preference can be affected by their environment or child abuse. The bottom line is that if you show you don't like gays, you're a threat to society and deserve to be put behind bars until you're no longer a threat or discover that you yourself are homosexual, which has been the fate of thousands of prisoners since time immemorial."

Vice-President Joe Biden said he "fully supports" Obama's preventive detention program because citizens with a predilection to offend others should be muzzled.

"You know, a lot of people tend to say stupid things," he said. "And some of those things indicate what a person is thinking. Jesus taught that you are what you think, so if you're thinking wrong, and if you're saying things wrong, then you're bound to do things wrong. And that's why we need this IPD program. We should not have to wait until somebody suffers as a victim of a crime when we can detain the prospective criminal before he converts his thoughts and words into action."

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"[Republicans] are pushing the wrong policies, but I’m not in a position to stop it. I don’t believe in standing in the way of an avalanche.” — George Soros.

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