International panel recommends replacing Constitution

Obama seeks food redistribution

Obama to Revamp U.S. Constitution

by Nauva Lyst

WASHINGTON, D.C., Jan. 10, 2013 — President Obama is preparing an executive order to modernize the U.S. Constitution, the White House announced today.

Deputy Press Secretary Maughn Arkey said the president has concluded that outdated portions of the document are interfering with implementation of his mandate to fundamentally change America.

"The President has rejected proposals to nullify the entire Constitution," Arkey said, "but modernizing the document through executive order has received unprecedented support from international leaders, mainstream news commentators and Democrat leaders."

Arkey said Obama is huddling with Attorney General Eric Holder to decide which portions of the Constitution should remain and which should be rewritten or eliminated.

Former Democrate adviser Bob Beckel of Fox News reiterated yesterday on "The Five" television show that Obama should ignore the Constitution when it interferes with his goals.

"President Obama should use executive order to ban assault weapons," Beckel said. "He doesn't need to change the Constitution, just ignore it."

Constitutional lawyer Cece L. Holder, a cousin of the nation's attorney general and a Harvard professor, said there is no need to change the Constitution as long as the senate is controlled by Democrats.

"Senate President Harry Reid has demonstrated that he will not object if the president takes actions that conservatives might view as unconstitutional," she said. "When Vice-President Joe Biden said yesterday that the president is willing to use executive order to implement changes in gun control, only conservative extremists complained. I think the president could outlaw handguns and assault rifles, raise taxes on the wealthy and get right-wing loonies like Sean Hannity off the air simply through executive orders.

"I personally would caution against revamping the Constitution just in case Republicans ever regain control of the federal government, as unlikely as that seems right now with the GOP being hijacked by extremists who oppose abortion, wealth redistribution, deficit spending and gay marriage."

Chief White House Counsel Paul M. Reeder said recent acceptance of the president's executive moves has allowed him a clear view of a future time when a modernized Constitution will permit a president to create, enforce and adjudicate law. He pointed to the president's action to prohibit the enforcement of some immigration laws, to his appointing officials during a senate recess to avoid the confirmation process, and to Obama's using executive privilege to prevent Congress from finding out what he or the attorney general knew about "Fast and Furious."

"There was very little complaining when the president joined the war in Libya without congressional approval," he said, "Not even the Republicans did anything about it. Frankly, I think the president, without changing the Constitution, could raise taxes on the wealthy, outlaw handguns and assault weapons and even ban conservative extremists from the public air waves. Even if the House of Representatives impeaches the president, the Senate won't do anything about it. However, I think it would be safer for the president to modernize the Constitution first."

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said nobody is more qualified than Obama to make changes to the Constitution.

"As a former community organizer and a former visiting professor of constitutional law as well as an African American who has been subject to racism, President Obama is uniquely qualified to alter the Constitution," she said. "He has indicated to me that he will take my recommendations to nullify the 2nd Amendment, which has been misconstrued to mean that citizens have the right to carry firearms, the 22nd Amendment, which limits the president from serving more than two terms, and the portion of the 1st Amendment that permits people to espouse in public religious and conservative extremism."

Obama made his feelings about the Constitution clear in 2009 after an international panel of scholars recommended nullifying what it called "an antiquated charter."

"[The Constitution, which] governed the rules and method of my historic election, reflects the racist attitudes and obsolete ideas of its Confounders and Farmers and is now too old-fashioned to serve our purposes any longer," he said. "Our ... governing document ... should reflect our values pertaining to a transition toward global order, redistribution of wealth, and equitable employment of political power by well-educated officers rather than the rednecks and country bumpkins who have previously occupied my office.

"[A] radically reformed governing document is something that every patriotic citizen with a half a brain understands is an absolute necessity," he said. "We know from the results of the Congressional vote to mandate private health insurance that no one on the right could be considered to be in this category.

"People who are in full control of their capacities fully comprehend that this old document contains deep flaws and a blind spot that continues to this day.

"I was elected and reelected because I promised the American people that I would fundamentally change America, and nothing is more fundamental than the outdated, unworkable charter that is at the root of all evil in our society today."

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