Spread Your Wealth

by Rich LaRocco

Obama, Obama, please stop,
Don't take what I earned at the top.
Please don't share my wealth
Or take it by stealth.
Tomorrow my income might stop.

In college I worked every day
To pay every cent of my way.
Diploma in hand,
A job I did land,
I worked very hard for my pay.

You want to share all that I bought
With those who dropped out to smoke pot
You say, "It's not fair;
I don't pay all my share."
And yet you took half what I got

I try to pay bills with my net,
While some of my gross bought your jet,
I'm sick of your quotes
That get you more votes
You bring insurmountable debt

I scrimped and I saved what I earned,
To live on a budget I learned,
But now you demand
My house and my land
Of me you seem unconcerned

I set some aside to invest,
But spending is what you do best,
You call me a jerk
'Cause I want bums to work
Your plans make our country depressed

You're richer than I, I can see,
Your politics paid handsomely,
Spread some of your cash,
Redistribute your stash,
A hypocrite, that's what I see.

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