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by Ted E. Baer

NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. — Political commentator Tamara Holder today defended her position that Christine O'Donnell is "an unelectable disaster." O'Donnell beat out Rep. Mike Castle on Sept. 14 in the primary race for the U.S. Senate and now faces a Democratic county executive, Chris Coons.

"O'Donnell is crazy," Holder said. "She has insane ideas and religious beliefs that premarital sex and lust are wrong.

"I am positive that the good people of Delaware would prefer a candidate who is not bound by sexual repression or religious insanity."

Holder predicted that Coons will get "at least two-thirds of the vote" despite allegations that he has financially mismanaged his county to the point that it has lost its bond rating.

"People can overlook what a candidate actually does when he or she promises to bring about fundamental change," Holder said.

She praised Coons as a "good Democrat, somebody who can be trusted to raise taxes and support President Obama's agenda to redistribute wealth."

"It remains to be seen that anybody who is against a bigger federal government can win in today's political climate," she said. "People want the federal government to supply their food stamps, health insurance, rent subsidies and so forth. People in New Hampshire are like most urbanites on the coasts in that they want the government to do more, not less."

Holder appeared on the Fox Network's Hannity Show on Sept. 16 and said O'Donnell could not win against Coons because she wants to cut back federal spending and reduce the size and control of the federal government.

"While Democrats are making plans on things they can do to help people and revive the economy," Holder said, "O'Donnell's solution is to get the government less involved. That simply won't fly in New Hampshire, where people have realized they cannot succeed without federal intervention.

"New Hampshire citizens love the federal government and have become so reliant on it for the goods and services they need that they will never vote for somebody who wants to cut taxes and let people keep their own money to spend as they wish."

After noting that Holder was upset with O'Donnell's stand against premarital sex, host Sean Hannity asked, "Would you prefer that she said 'I've had 100 sex partners before I got married'?"

"Sure," Holder said, "if she did, if she did. Honesty. Why can't she be honest?"

"What if she doesn't believe the same way you do?" Hannity asked. "Why can't you just respect that?"

"Because she has no plan for the future," Holder said. "All this anger."

Holder said O'Donnell is typical of candidates who find favor among Tea Party advocates.

"She is running against President Obama and his policies," she said. "She is not running for anything.

"She's mad that the number of welfare recipients is up. She's mad that the number of people in poverty level are up. She's angry that the number of people without health insurance has gone up to 50 million in the past two years.

"She's angry that the stimulus packages didn't work. She's angry that the President won't control our borders.  She's upset that the Democrats want to raise taxes. She's upset that Obama has lost 4 million jobs.

"She's just like a lot of people who are angry because they don't know what the plan is. But nobody wants to vote for somebody who identifies with them. They want to vote for somebody who has a solution.

"Even if President Obama's solutions didn't work, most people want him to raise taxes and spend more of our future earnings on further stimulus packages rather than do nothing.

"I reiterate that O'Donnell is a disaster. She believes in Jesus, she doesn't think sex outside marriage is good, she won't admit to illicit sex herself, and she is an Evangelical Christian who thinks homosexual activity is a sin. That simply makes her an unelectable disaster.

"I mean, this woman is crazy!

Holder said the voting public today is not inclined to vote for candidates who are homophobic, opposed to promiscuous sexual behavior, against abortion and propose enforcing existing laws against illegal immigration.

"We don't live in a simple world anymore," Holder said. "Intellectuals know that we need immigration and that the best way to cure the undocumented worker problem is to give them documents and a pathway to citizenship.

"The smart people on the planet want to see homosexuality embraced and more information about sex taught to students. Candidates like O'Donnell are crazy. They are so out of touch with reality that they think schools should not distribute condoms to kids.

"This will all be sorted out in the November election when voters reject conservative candidates and vote to give President Obama more power in the Congress."

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"But I say to you, That whoever looks on a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart." ̵ Jesus Christ (Matthew 5:28)

Note: could not find a video clip of Tamara Holder calling Christine O'Donnell a disaster on Sept. 16. Please email if you find one.

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